Racism in interracial dating

Samantha was immediately criticised for cashing in on her half-sister’s fame.

Trying to deal with the backlash today, she says we have got it all wrong.

Will the next shared celebration be Meghan’s wedding day?

Samantha, twice divorced herself (Meghan divorced producer and actor Trevor Engelson in 2013) and who has limited mobility after having multiple sclerosis diagnosed in 2008, doubts she will make the guest list.‘I’m in a wheelchair. But if I were invited I would find a way, out of love and respect,’ she says.

And if the couple do tie the knot, the royal wedding organisers in charge of the seating plan will have their work cut out, given the history of fall-outs, feuds and simmering hostilities among the would-be in-laws.

While Samantha insists there has been no falling-out with Meghan — ‘I don’t like the word “estranged”,’ she says sharply —there are more than enough issues with other members of her family who are, she tells me, no strangers to court appearances, bankruptcy and years of racial bigotry.

For the announcement came not from Meghan herself, or even from another family member, but from a friend who had read it in a magazine.‘She said: “Are you sitting down? ” ’ recalls Samantha, who shares a father with Meghan.

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Indeed, so fractured are the Markle family bonds — amid claims of racial slurs and financial tension — that the sisters haven’t seen each other in almost ten years.Honestly, though, I’ve been able to get this far because of a lot of men.Lee Daniels gave me my first shot at TV, saying ‘You’re going to come do an episode of.They haven’t had perfect lives themselves.’But where to start with the potential royal in-laws?Samantha, the product of the ill-fated marriage between Thomas Markle, a Hollywood lighting technician, and his first wife Roslyn, burst into public consciousness last month when it emerged that not only did Meghan Markle have a half-sister, but one who planned to write a book about her entitled The Diary Of Princess Pushy’s Sister.

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